For Aurora City Council

PK Kaiser

About PK 

I am a husband and the father of three children. My wife _____ and I have lived in Aurora for more than ten years.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Economics, a Master’s Degree in Economics, MBA in Finance and a Master’s Degree in Accounting.  I have more than twenty years experience in accounting, finance and budgeting in state and local governments in Colorado and around the world..
I am also a small business owner. I have first-hand experience in dealing with procedures and challenges in running a business in Aurora.  Running a business is tough. I will work to make Aurora a friendly partner to business.

I feel strongly about the importance of education.  I support public education elementary through high school. I support our four-year Community College of Aurora. I will work to maintain and improve Aurora's living standards, environment, transportation and infrastructure. I am mindful of needs of our citizens and will work to ease the many challenges facing our Veterans.

Aurora looks to a bright future. I want to be part of that future by listening to the concerns of citizens, working with you to solve problems and making our lives and our great city even greater.

When I proudly became an American citizen, I vowed that I would give back to this country, my country, this America that has been so good to me and my family, this America that has been all that I imagined it could be, with freedom and open discussion, with opportunities for everyone to pursue their dreams.  In my case, the dream is to be the representative of the people on the Aurora City Council.